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26 June 2014


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Vikram Patil

Can this feature be made available for Surveys.


Hi Vikram,
Thanks for your comment. We do not currently have a code editor in the Survey designer, which would be required in order to add the javascript described in the article. However, please take a moment to add a feature request to our forum so we can track this request and others can vote on it and help set the priority. You can add a feature request here: http://support.clickdimensions.com/forums/356780-Feature-Requests

Thanks, and have a great day!

Vikram Patil

For Auto populating forms if there is a Space in the Job Title say for e.g. "marketing Manager" this value when passes to the url auto replaces the space between marketing and manager with %20 which shows on you form as "Marketing%20Manager" to remove this %20 from the field use the below code.

var jobTitle = getParm('JobTitle');
var jobTitlen = jobTitle.replace(/%20/g, " "); // Ads this line of code

and pass the variable jobTitlen to the below

JobTitleField.value = jobTitlen;


Vikram Patil

Are the parameters passed to the the "Microsite"? else the users will get the wrong details on the form as "lead.firstname" etc in the input field on the form.

Please let me know.


No, microsites are not forms. They are just the HTML from your email templates. So they cannot be pre-populated.


Does this feature work even when the form is embedded through the widget or an iframe?


Hi Jamesd43: You should be able to achieve similar results when the form is embedded in another page, rather than as a direct link. It might require a little tinkering with the javascript to reference the parameters in the URL.

Greg Priestley

Does this work with embedding as a widget?

The embed code for the form that we're provided looks something like:

var loc = "https://analytics-au.clickdimensions.com//pages/";


Where exactly do you append the parameters? I've tried a number of permutations but none work. My quick, non proficient, reading of the CDWidget.js is that you can't append any parameters in - almost looks like you've have to hack the CDWidget.js to some custom version for it which obviously isn't that desirable.

What am I missing?

Is there a way to do this?


Hi Greg, Please see the previous response. The script in this blog example won't work with a widget, but you should be able to write similar javascript and place it in the code editor that will.

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