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4 Simple Tips for Social Media Success

Today, brand awareness and audience engagement go hand in hand with an organization's social media presence. And with the popularity of social media increasing and the number of platforms expanding, every indication is that social media is here to stay for marketers and in a big way.

Creating and maintaining successful social media profiles for your company involves many complexities and details, but with this post, we're bringing it back to the basics. These four tips are tried-and-true essentials for increasing your social media success – two of which can connect with your email marketing efforts too!

1. Put your audience first. If you want readers to share and interact with your social media content, there has to be something in it for them. Whether you want someone to stop and think or have a good laugh, always put the needs and interests of your audience first in order to create successful social content. Create compelling, and brief, copy and include visuals to attract attention and engagement. Also, where appropriate, make sure to take advantage of hashtags so your audience can find your posts as part of a broader social media conversation.

2. Manage negativity. Angry customers on social media can ruin a brand's image quickly. How you react to those public comments can make all the difference. When you receive negative feedback on your social profiles, make sure you act fast to resolve the issue. Don't delete the comment (unless it is inappropriate), but instead, keep your cool and respond with an apology and a solution. Other followers will respect the tone and timeliness of your response, and you can use these moments to build your brand image.

3. Incorporate social sharing. Taking advantage of ClickDimensions' email social sharing tools can help increase interest in your brand on social media. Social sharing buttons allow your readers to easily and quickly share the emails they receive from your company on their social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This can help introduce your content and promotions to new prospects and increase your brand's awareness on social media and beyond.

4. Build your following with social links. When you send out bulk email messages, be sure to include links to your organization's social media profile pages. With ClickDimensions' built-in social links, you can easily connect your email recipients to your company's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, blog, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube profiles. When recipients click these links, they will be directed to the URLs you input, which can turn your email subscribers into social media followers too.

Not sure where to get started with social media or how to navigate the new wave of social platforms? Check out this blog post on how to find the right social media platforms for your business.

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Written by Kellany Mathis, Marketing Success Manager

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