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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

Save more money, lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with family and friends – year after year, these are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. They are certainly admirable goals – and even better when achieved! – but we’re proposing a different take on resolutions in 2017. Here are five familiar and popular New Year’s resolutions with a marketing twist, and how ClickDimensions can help you achieve them:

1. Get organized. Many organizations devote considerable energy to initially building high-quality marketing lists, but don’t follow through on their list upkeep over time. The result is often disorganized, poor-performing lists with increased email bounce rates and spam complaints. Get your lists organized and improve your email performance this year with these tips:

  • Monitor your excluded emails and email events. Every time you send a bulk email, be sure to take a look at the excluded emails and email events in ClickDimensions. If the email address has been excluded, the recipient did not get the email. It is good to periodically remove these individuals from your marketing lists so that the number of people you think will receive the email will be much closer to the number of people that actually receive the email.
  • Provide subscription management options. The subscription management feature in ClickDimensions allows individuals to choose which emails they would like to receive by giving them the ability to opt-in to some lists and opt-out of others. Instead of a single unsubscribe link, the person is directed to a webpage where they can select which lists they wish to receive.
  • Remove fake, invalid and “spam trap” email addresses. Keeping up with the excluded emails and email events is a good way to catch fake or misspelled email addresses. “Spam trap” email addresses are valid email addresses that are created for the sole purpose of luring spam. Some examples of spam trap addresses include nospam@somewhere.com, abuse@antispam.net and postmaster@somedomain.com.

2. Learn something new. It’s always a great time to learn something new. If you’re a ClickDimensions user, resolve to make 2017 the year you become ClickDimensions Certified, and become an expert in using the ClickDimensions marketing automation and email marketing system. You can attend ClickDimensions Academy online from the comfort of your own desk, and take the certification exam once you have completed all of the courses. Or, if in-person training is more your speed, register for a ClickDimensions certification boot camp. These one-day comprehensive training events cover everything you need to know to pass the ClickDimensions Certification exam and join the elite ranks of those who are ClickDimensions Certified. We currently have boot camps scheduled in January in Toronto and in February in SydneyMelbourne and in our hometown of Atlanta, and others will be announced on our blog soon.

3. Try something new. Marketing automation systems like ClickDimensions are loaded with a wide variety of features. With so many tools at their disposal, it can be easy for users to become overwhelmed. That’s why we often recommend to new ClickDimensions users that they start by using email marketing and then move on to other features from there. If you have been a ClickDimensions user for a while now, make 2017 the year you try something new in ClickDimensions. Whether you’re still using email only and you branch out to forms and landing pages or you want to try your hand at surveys or SMS, there are many options for trying something new in ClickDimensions.

4. Use your time more wisely. Do you need more time in the day? Who doesn’t, right? Give yourself the gift of time in 2017 by using your time more wisely. Using campaign automation in ClickDimensions is one way you can free up some space in your day. Campaign automation is perfect for reducing the time spent creating, scheduling and sending many types of emails. For example, rather than individually scheduling service appointment reminders every three months, a lawn equipment manufacturer could build a campaign automation to send these reminders automatically and on time. That means less time devoted to routine tasks and more time devoted to other more important marketing endeavors.

5. Read more. Since you’re currently reading the ClickDimensions blog, we think it’s safe to say that you enjoy reading about marketing. So why not resolve to do more of exactly that in 2017? In addition to our blog, the monthly ClickDimensions Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Newsletter is filled with valuable information and interesting reads for marketers using Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. And from marketing automation basics to customer experience to content marketing, we have many informative and engaging eBooks to help you achieve this resolution and stay up-to-date with your marketing knowledge in 2017.

Happy New Year and Happy Marketing!

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