In our 5 Questions blog series, we profile our customers, partners and team members to help the ClickDimensions community become better acquainted. We hope you enjoy getting to know these individuals, and if you’re interested in being featured, send us an email at

Kristy Chong
CRM Platform Owner, myDNA

1. What do you like best about your job?

I love the impact our work can have on people’s lives. It’s not often that you find a job where your life is better off because of the work the business does. And I’m not just saying that because I work here. I honestly feel like I have improved parts of my lifestyle already based on information presented in my myDNA test reports. For example, my Medications report has helped me significantly reduce side effects that I used to experience from taking a common over-the-counter medicine, without any reduction in effectiveness, and I have adjusted when I consume caffeine based on another myDNA report, which has helped me get consistently good sleep at night.

2. What are the biggest professional challenges you face and how does ClickDimensions help you address those challenges?

Our biggest challenge is hyper personalization; to assist our customers in understanding their own results and providing actionable insights to improve their health and wellbeing. Customers vary according to their DNA, so we need to be really focused on providing very personalized information that makes sense to them. To help address these challenges, we use a combination of developers, Dynamics 365 workflows, and ClickDimensions campaign automations and email templates to personalize and schedule communications. We also use surveys in ClickDimensions to understand what our customers think of our products and follow up on any that may not be as happy as we would like. We uncover valuable information from this process and enact changes to constantly improve our products and the impact it has on our customers’ lives. The ability to then be able to review all the information our Clinical, Sales and Marketing teams need directly in Dynamics 365, and drill through to specific customers, is key to this process.

3. What was your background before landing in your current role?

I have a background in IT management and accounting and have been working with and customizing CRM systems for approximately 12 years. Back in those days, I used CRM and other software systems for member management purposes. I integrated it with retail and hospitality point of sale and inventory systems and ultimately finance systems. I was and still am very customer focused. Most recently though (prior to myDNA) I worked as a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant at a Microsoft Partner. The opportunity then came up to work with myDNA, and as I loved the concept, I was really interested in working with an end-user again, so I decided to come on board.

4. If you could learn a new skill in an instant, what would it be?

Professionally it would definitely be HTML. Oh, the things I could do with email templates, landing pages and surveys! Personally though, I would love to learn another language like Korean.

5. Who is the person you most admire?

Oh, that’s a hard one! Rather than an individual person, I like some of the work people do, so I will answer it this way. I admire people who use their wealth and resources to help others. I admire the work Elon Musk is doing and how he is using his wealth to assist in saving the planet (battery-powered Teslas, for example). I hope to purchase a Tesla one day as my own personal part of helping the planet for my son and future generations. I also admire how Leonardo DiCaprio uses his fame to continually build awareness and push for opportunities to protect the planet and our natural resources.