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5 Questions: Mistie Clark

In our 5 Questions blog series, we profile our customers, partners and team members to help the ClickDimensions community become better acquainted. We hope you enjoy getting to know these individuals, and if you’re interested in being featured, send us an email at marketing@clickdimensions.com.

Mistie Clark
Client Sales Manager, Velosio

1. What do you like best about your job?

I love helping people. I really appreciate that I get to come to work every day and help people make their businesses, jobs and work better.

2. What are the biggest professional challenges you face and how does ClickDimensions help you address those challenges?

As an account manager, I have a lot of clients and maintaining consistent communications with all of them can be a tremendous challenge. ClickDimensions helps eliminate that challenge by making communicating the right message at the right time to the right person easy and efficient.

3. What was your background before landing in your current role?

I was a CRM Marketing Specialist turned Dynamics 365 Consultant.

4. What is your favorite word, and why?

Love is my favorite word. It reminds me there is a greater good and a great power out there fueled by love.

5. If you could pick three famous people to be a part of your entourage, who would you pick?

As I think through all the famous people I look up to – poets, religious leaders, politicians, great people of history – only three people come to mind in response to this question. My current entourage. My little family: my daughters, Charlotte and Allison (ages five and three), and my husband, Aaron. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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