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Tomasz Janczak
Head of Marketing Communications, Guestline

1. What do you like best about your job?

I really enjoy the dynamics of working in marketing. Sometimes situations change very quickly and you need to react fast. The best example is this year’s ITB, the world’s biggest travel industry fair, which was scheduled to open its doors on March 4. As a hospitality technology company, Guestline was planning to exhibit there. We spent months preparing everything. Suddenly, five days before the event was supposed to start, we got word that it was cancelled due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Germany. It was Friday evening, and I was literally packing my suitcases to leave for Berlin, when we had to decide what to do. To make a long story short, on Monday morning we were already full speed ahead on preparations, and on Wednesday at 9 am, we launched the Guestline virtual booth, where we virtually met most of our prospects, partners and clients. This quick turnaround would not have happened without the dedication of the marketing team I am working with, and that’s another reason I really like this job.

2. What are the biggest professional challenges that you face and how does ClickDimensions help you address those challenges?

It’s more and more challenging for marketers to connect the right content to the right person. There is so much noise in every communication channel that you have to be really smart and strategic in order to get in front of your potential customers. A few years ago, the industry started to talk about Big Data and its benefits. But in fact, it’s not so much about having the data, as in my opinion every company owns a certain set of market data. The challenge is in the ways of processing it. It’s not about quantity, but very much about the quality of data marketers work with. In my opinion, it’s better to work with 1,000 properly segmented, active records, rather than mass mailing 5,000 generic contacts with the same message. Guestline has been in business for almost 30 years, so as you can imagine, we work with really big amounts of data, both for clients and prospects. We use ClickDimensions to actively clean up our marketing lists, re-engage with inactive contacts, segment and deliver personalized communications. We are now also looking at integrating campaign automations into our customer journey planning.

3. What was your background before landing in your current role?

Before landing at Guestline, I worked for a Chinese hotel group, which I joined at the beginning of their global expansion. Opening their European office, I was responsible for all things digital, as well as branding and positioning. It was really a unique experience, both from the cultural and technological perspective, as the Chinese digital ecosystem is completely different than what we are used to, and that influences the way the Chinese consume digital content. Another interesting aspect of this chapter of my career was the fact that while we were the market leader in China, no one in Europe had heard of our brand, so we were building it from scratch, almost like a start-up. To sum it up, the last 15 years of my career have been within hospitality, which was making great strides on the technology side. That’s why it’s really sad to see the industry suffering so much from COVID-19, as this will slow down the process of digitalization, at least for some.

4. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

I really like to create things and I really like to watch movies about famous chefs, wondering if I could be one. Maybe not in the aspect of serving hundreds of plates per hour, but rather creating new dishes, mixing flavors to surprise guests and see them smile.

5. Where do you live and what is your favorite thing about living there?

I live in beautiful Torun, a medieval Polish town. The town owes its origins to the Teutonic Order, which built a castle there in the mid-13th century as a base for their conquest. It’s not too big, so you do not need to spend a lot of time in the traffic. At the same time, it offers a lot of opportunities to pass the time and is a very good place to live. One of the Torun’s most well-known citizens is astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, famous for introducing the heliocentric model of the world into modern science. The other reason a lot of tourists visit our city is gingerbread, instantly recognizable as part of Torun heritage, tradition and legend.