Asking questions is an essential part of how we all learn and grow. This is as true for businesses as it is people. And it is the root of why surveys are important to organizations of all kinds. By asking questions of their audiences through surveys, businesses have the data they need to evolve alongside their customers.

Surveys can bring a variety of benefits to businesses – here are our picks for the top five:

1. Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Listening to your customers and being able to understand their needs is a pivotal first step in building customer satisfaction. Surveying your customers is a constructive way to find out how they feel about your company and its products or services. Surveys allow you to focus in on what your audiences like, but also give you crucial insight into areas for improvement. An important point to remember is satisfied customers become loyal ones and are therefore more likely to avoid churning. On top of this, they are more likely to share their experiences with other potential customers. So, getting to the root of customer sentiment via surveys can be both powerful and valuable.

2. Understanding your audience. Effective marketing starts with a deep understanding of who you are marketing to. Surveying your customer base is a great way to gather demographic information that can help you build powerful personalized and segmented marketing campaigns. While the information you gather will vary depending on your business, your audience and your marketing goals, details like gender, age, geographic location and job title are all generally good questions to consider.

3. Increased customer engagement. Customer engagement is a great reason to survey your customers. Asking them to share their insights shows that you value them as a customer and care about how they perceive your company’s products and services and their interactions with your brand. Furthermore, by addressing any customer concerns or criticisms that arise from the survey, they will feel even more valued and like they have a stake in the direction of your company, which increases engagement and loyalty even more.

4. More focused product and service updates and offerings. Another fantastic reason you should survey your customers is to discover valuable feedback in terms of product features and functionality or services offerings. This can either be before you launch a new product or service or before a planned update. The key for this survey is to develop questions that garner very specific feedback. You want the results to point you in a clear direction of understanding their likes, dislikes and preferences so you can deliver on customer expectations and truly meet their needs.

5. Benchmarking your improvements. Benchmarking is another significant benefit of surveying your customers. Collecting feedback at various points throughout a specific timeframe can allow you to see whether your organization has made any progress along the way or if you have room for improvement. It can also be a useful way to see if any implemented changes were successfully received or had a beneficial impact.

Happy Marketing!