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5 Tips for Effective Welcome Emails

Welcome! It’s nice to see you! We’re happy to have you here! Whether you are being greeted by an old friend or an establishment you frequent, sentiments like these make you feel at home, at ease and acknowledged.

The same goes for welcome emails. These email marketing messages are a great way to kick off a relationship with a new customer and can set the tone – for better or for worse – for the overall customer experience. Given their importance, here are some of our top tips for creating and sending effective welcome emails:

1. Mind the timing. Imagine that you sign up for an online file sharing service, for example, and you don’t receive a welcome email for two weeks. In the meantime, before receiving that email, you might assume that there was something wrong with your account or that the email got caught by a spam filter. That’s because today’s consumers expect welcome messages and they expect them promptly. While that timing may vary slightly depending on your industry, business and what actions your leads and customers have taken – signing up for emails versus making a purchase, for example – welcome messages should be sent anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after that action is taken. The ClickDimensions campaign automation builder is the perfect tool for automating welcome campaigns for your various audiences so your timing and messaging are always targeted and on-time.

2. Make it personal. Did you know that, according to Aberdeen Group, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14 percent and conversion rates by 10 percent? They are also a great way to welcome people to your organization. The example email below from a non-profit shows how they were able to create a customized email experience for new donors. Using dynamic content in ClickDimensions, the International Wildlife Conservancy added the donor’s first name and the amount of their donation to their welcome email. These personal touches in welcome emails help organizations better connect with their audiences from the very start of their relationship.

3. Help them get started. Helping new customers get started with your product or service is an important function of a welcome email. This is especially true for technology companies, but can also work as a welcome email approach for many other industries. A professional association could send a welcome email that outlines member benefits and shows new members how to get started using these perks, for example. Here at ClickDimensions, our welcome email is packed with tips for getting started with our marketing automation solution. As you can see in the screenshot below, we provide a number of helpful links that walk new users through the set up process. That same email includes a getting started video and links for getting help for various questions or issues.

4. Consider discounts. Special promotions and discounts are an effective welcome email strategy for securing additional purchases from new customers or converting new email subscribers into first-time customers. However, keep in mind that a welcome email isn’t the place for a hard sell. The email should first and foremost include a message that welcomes and thanks recipients for signing up, making a purchase or another similar action. The discount should serve as the icing on the cake and a way to encourage additional customer engagement and purchases.

5. Showcase your offerings. New customers or subscribers may not be fully aware of all that your company has to offer, but welcome emails can be used to effectively educate them about your full lineup of products or services. Like the discounts approach that we discussed above, be sure to still welcome recipients and try to be more informative than going for a hard sell. The example email for a financial institution below shows how they first welcome new checking account customers and then make these customers aware of credit products that the bank offers.

Happy Marketing!

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