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5 Tips for Keeping Email Recipients Engaged

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with leads, engage with current contacts and communicate to all of your audiences what’s happening at your company. While email has many benefits and continues to enjoy great popularity among marketers and their recipients alike, its popularity can be its own undoing. As the number of emails in inboxes increases, so too does the challenge of getting your message read and engaged with. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to help encourage email engagement. Here are five tips:

1. Choose your audience. You can add multiple dynamic or static marketing lists made up of leads, contacts or accounts to any email send based on your selected criteria. List segmentation works wonders for engagement because you can tailor your message to the audience receiving it. If you don’t get engagement from particular recipients the first time around, you can also follow up with those recipients who did not open or click in a previously sent email by following the steps shown here.

2. Keep content relevant. Write emails that your targeted recipients want to open. Short, simple email subject lines can catch the recipient’s eye and prompt them to take further action. Tailor the content within the message to your recipients to encourage clicks, and remember to keep your audience in mind as you develop content. Always ask yourself if it’s an email you would want to receive, and if it’s one that you would act on.

3. Create with your brand in mind. Brand consistency is an important part of email marketing. Without it, you risk confusing recipients and making them question who a message is really from. Using the different ClickDimensions email editors, you can easily achieve the look you need for your company’s brand. Depending on your experience with HTML, you can even use multiple ClickDimensions email editors in combination to create a template that suits the design you need.

4. Personalize. Build a relationship with your subscribers using personalized content. Using FreeMarker, ClickDimensions provides the functionality to alter the content of your email based on CRM data that is in the lead, contact or account record. As you can see in the example email below, an insurance company could personalize an email with a policyholder’s name, their dependent’s name and their policy number.

5. Integrate social media. Connecting your organization’s email marketing with your corporate social media accounts is a great way to add another level of engagement. ClickDimensions email editors give you two ways to do this. The first is adding social sharing buttons, which allow email recipients to share an email on their social media profiles. The second way is to add social links to your email, which will connect recipients directly to your organization’s social media accounts.

Happy Marketing!

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