Marketing automation is everywhere today, as more organizations of all sizes adopt this technology and make it more of an essential part of modern marketing. But for B2B marketers specifically, how do you optimize marketing automation to continually increase business-to-business marketing performance? Here are some of our top tips:

1. Conduct an audit. One of the most beneficial things about a marketing automation solution is the variety of essential marketing features bundled into one piece of technology. However, as you may well know, many organizations only use some of the available features. Determine what those are within your company as well as the features available within your marketing automation platform that you aren’t currently using, so you can easily see where you have room to grow.

2. Spread out. In many organizations, marketing automation is used almost exclusively by the marketing team, but that can be extremely limiting in terms of performance and achieving business goals. As part of your optimization strategy, look at other departments and functions that can benefit from marketing automation within your company. Sales is a natural fit, with many organizations already employing marketing automation in their sales initiatives. Customer service, account management, training and human resources teams are a few other examples of organizational functions that can benefit from marketing automation while helping you to optimize usage of the technology.

3. Establish your goals. From increasing brand awareness to driving more leads to fostering greater customer loyalty to improving marketing efficiency, marketing automation can play an important part in achieving both marketing and organizational goals. Decide what you want these goals to be and map out a general timeline, so you can set key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your progress along the way and ensure that you achieve your desired outcomes as you optimize your marketing automation usage.

4. Experiment. One of the most effective ways to optimize your marketing automation is by trying something new. The audit listed above will give you some great ideas on where to start based on what you currently are and aren’t doing. Keep in mind that even if you’re already using dynamic content or A/B testing, for example, you can easily optimize your performance by using existing tactics in new ways. Through this experimentation, you can develop tremendous insights into what works well and what doesn’t with your audiences, and possibly uncover new and better ways to connect with your customers and prospects.

5. Be creative. In this age of marketing technology stacks and big data, creativity might not be the very first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing, particularly as it relates to marketing automation. However, marketing automation frees up time for marketers so they can be more creative. At the same time, you can optimize your marketing automation performance with creativity – connecting with the right people at the right time with creative communications that compel, delight and deliver better results.

6. Analyze. One of the benefits of utilizing marketing automation technology is that it puts a variety of data right at your fingertips. But what good is that data if no one looks at it? To get the most out of your marketing automation technology, be sure to analyze that data both within and across campaigns. Also remember that analysis should also include a look to the future. It isn’t enough to merely examine figures; to achieve bigger marketing wins, you also need ask some essential forward-looking questions like what can be improved the next campaign, what can be removed from future efforts and what new methods might work given your insights gleaned from existing data.

Happy Marketing!