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8 Smart Reasons to use an Email Service Provider

There are several benefits to using an Email Service Provider (ESP) – and specifically ClickDimensions – for marketing automation and bulk emails. Some of the reasons are obvious and others are more nuanced, but they can make the difference when you want to stand out as a marketer.

  1. Email volume. Email Service Providers are built to handle large volume email sends both in terms of size and speed. Email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and corporate mail servers have limitations on the number of recipients that can be included on an email and how many emails you can send in a time period. These limitations are in place to protect the integrity of the service for all its users. ESPs, however, have the infrastructure to send large amounts of email quickly.
  2. List management and personalization. ClickDimensions’ integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM allows you to segment your CRM data seamlessly into email campaigns. Campaigns can be based on static or dynamic marketing lists, and there is never a need to import/export data into ClickDimensions for an email send. Any information you have for your contacts or leads can be included to personalize your emails for a customized marketing experience.
  3. Email tracking. A great benefit of using an ESP like ClickDimensions is after you hit send, you don’t have to wonder how much of an impact the email had with your audience, you can measure it. We track who opens the email, clicks on its links, which links they click, who bounced and why, and who unsubscribed. All this great information is available in aggregate or you can view the individual events.
  4. Subscriber management. ClickDimensions’ subscription management feature allows your customers to manage their own subscription preferences. They can sign up for some communications and unsubscribe from others or they can unsubscribe from all. This removes the need to manually update contact preferences.
  5. Separation of marketing emails. Even the best marketers can run into problems in the email ecosystem. Blacklists do occasionally have technical glitches and mistakes can happen. Separating business emails from marketing emails can ensure your business email remains uninterrupted.
  6. Effective HTML design. ClickDimensions has four email editors available for creating email templates. They range from simple to use and no coding experience needed to fully custom HTML. Images can also be stored and inserted easily into any template. This means you can have sharp, professional looking emails with minimal effort.
  7. Enforcement of CAN-SPAM and other email regulations. ClickDimensions incorporates a number of features that help customers stay compliant with the US CAN-SPAM law and other email marketing regulations. Our unsubscribe process, subscription management and features like our automated unsubscribe headers allow marketers to easily honor permission-based marketing signups and unsubscribes. Our built-in service protection helps remove email addresses that are no longer valid or have complained. As a ClickDimensions customer, you also get a wealth of knowledge from our experts to help guide your email program.
  8. Campaign automation. With the campaign automation feature in ClickDimensions, you can nurture your leads through a path of your own design based on an individual’s actions or inactions. Nurture campaigns are a great way to target your audience with minimal effort.

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Julie Turner is a Senior Email Deliverability Engineer at ClickDimensions.

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