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Adding Parent Account or ANY lookup entity data into an email send

When you are sending a ClickDimensions email to a group of CRM contacts you may have the need to include not only information from the contact record (e.g. first name, etc.) but also information from their parent account record. You can easily do this by using our simple drop-down controls in our email editor. Below you can see how it is easy to add the name of a contact’s parent account into an email template…

When you do this your email template record will look like below. Note that the example we use combines data from both the contact and its parent account records…

This is great but what if there are other standard or custom lookup fields on the contact record from which you would like to pull entity data (originating lead is one that comes to mind)? Well, you can follow the exact same notation and ClickDimensions will merge the data into your template. Let’s break down the notation below…

Using this notation you can merge data from any lookup entity into any recipient entity (e.g. Lead, Contact, Account). Between this capability and our capability to merge any custom or standard entity data into ClickDimensions emails you have access to a lot of data for making your messages extremely personal. Happy marketing!

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