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Adding Primary and Related Contacts to a Static Marketing List from a Saved Account View

Marketing dashboards are designed to provide teams with instant and continuous visibility into marketing performance. Taking this data-centric approach allows for specific email marketing campaigns. Instead of simply blasting an audience with a range of emails, you can focus on relevant, meaningful content that pertains to that specific group. Like dashboards, saved account views in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are also designed to provide visibility into a certain group.

A saved account view allows you to use views to define how a list of records for a specific entity is displayed. Saved views are owned by an individual user, can be assigned and shared with other users, and can be viewed by other users depending on the query’s access privileges.

Using the Add to Marketing List button on the navigation pane allows you to select specific contacts, accounts and leads to add to a marketing list. However, if you have a personal saved account view and would like to add all active contacts from the account view, not just the primary contact, the best way to pull the data is to create two separate marketing lists. Since accounts and contacts are separate records, create one list targeted at accounts and another list targeted at contacts.

Note: A marketing list can only contain members from one of the following record types: lead, contact or account. You cannot have members from two different record types in one list.

Let’s walk through the steps for adding contacts from a saved account, with an example of creating a list of old contacts that we would like to nurture.

1. Create a new marketing list, with the list type of Static and target as Account.

2. Once you have saved the marketing list, add members to the list using advanced find.

3. Use the saved view in the dropdown and click on the appropriate view. For our example, that view is Accounts by Old Reps.

4. This procedure will trigger the query to auto populate. Then click Save.

5. Now it’s time to create a new static marketing list targeted at contacts. Use the advanced find to query this list by using the drill down below. This will pull all active contacts from your saved account list.

That’s it! You have successfully created a marketing list from a personal saved account view with all active contacts.

Would you like to avoid recently e-mailed contacts? Below is an additional drill down to eliminate contacts emailed within the last month.

Happy Marketing!

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Diandre is ClickDimensions' Marketing Campaign and Social Media Manager.

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  1. Shannon Lloyd January 8, 2020 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Thanks! Reading this helped me figure out something I’ve been trying to get to work for a while. Needed to create a list of contacts associated with accounts filtered by their associated account information instead of their contact information.

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