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About Liz McBrayer

Liz McBrayer is ClickDimensions' Content Marketing Manager.

5 Ideas for Using Personalization in Emails

Email marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all initiative. Consumers now expect customized communications from the organizations they do business with. And when businesses meet those expectations, they reap the benefits. [...]

Infographic: The ROI of Cooking up a Great Customer Experience

If there was a single recipe for success in today's business environment, a great customer experience might just be it. In recent years, the tables have turned in the relationship [...]

Now Enlisting: ClickDimensions Certification Boot Camps in Melbourne and Sydney

Have you ever thought about becoming ClickDimensions Certified? If so, and you're in Australia, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Our live, one-day certification boot camp will be coming [...]