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How to Automate Case Creation from a Posted Form

In a previous blog post, we talked about how to create a case record from a posted form. Now, in this blog post, we will look at how to automate that process using campaign automation. Note: This blog post will require that the form to case workflow mentioned in our previous blog has been set up and is active and running.

Here’s a look at an example automation we can use to build out automated case creation including some spot checks before proceeding with the case creation:

Our automation will start out with a Submitted Form trigger that will look for form submissions from a particular form.

Once the form has been submitted, we will then use a decision node to check that all our required fields for case creation have been captured. This can be customized according to your business needs. In my example, I have checked that two specific fields have data:

If all my required fields have data, the automation will send the participant to a wait timer. This 15-minute wait timer ensures that CRM has had adequate time to map all the data to the contact record before running the workflow to create the case record. The automation will then send an email to the customer to confirm that a case has been submitted:

If the decision node detects that one of the required fields was missing information, we will again send the participant into a wait timer to allow adequate time to map all the other data from the form to the contact record. We can then email the customer outlining what data was missing with a link to the form for resubmission and it will also alert a team member that insufficient data was submitted:

Because we are mapping data from the form to the contact record, this allows us to personalize the missing data email back to the customer. Here is an example:

This FreeMarker code will give a value of null to any fields that do not contain data on the contact record:

<#assign support=Recipient.contact.new_supportneeded[0]!”null” />
<#assign desc=Recipient.contact.new_descriptionofissue[0]!”null” />
<#assign urgent=Recipient.contact.new_isthisurgent[0]!”null” />

Our If statement will then display certain content if any of these values are equal to null:

<#if support==”null”>
Type of support requested
<#if desc==”null”>
<#if urgent==”null”>
Is This Urgent

For more information on conditional FreeMarker, check out this help article.

This automation will be triggered for each form submission, so it can be used to ensure the posted form record contains all the relevant information prior to automatically creating your case.

Happy Marketing!

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