You never get a second chance to make a good first impression on new customers. The onboarding process is a critical part of the customer experience, and for financial institutions, a well-implemented onboarding process for new account holders can improve engagement and ultimately the lifetime value of the relationship.

Fortunately, using the combined powers of Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions, the onboarding process can be made easier and more effective. The Campaign Automation feature in ClickDimensions allows you to create an automated welcome email campaign for new customers, while also sending more targeted messages to these customers based on their interactions with the initial emails in the campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at the process:

Email Creation

ClickDimensions gives you a choice of different email editors for creating and sending eye-catching and effective email campaigns. Since it’s our most popular option, we will use the Drag and Drop email editor in our example here.

An email welcome message after an account is opened is a common first step in the onboarding process for financial institutions. The ClickDimensions Drag and Drop email editor allows you to create this email with no HTML coding required by simply picking a layout and adding your institution’s logo, colors, text and links. You can also personalize the email using fields in CRM, like the customer’s first name or perhaps the name of the branch where they opened their account.

Here’s our example welcome email, created in the ClickDimensions Drag and Drop editor:

In addition to a simple welcome message and debit card information, you can see that the email also features a secondary offer for new customers. This offer links to a form and landing page, both of which can be easily created within ClickDimensions, no coding required:

Campaign Automation

After the welcome email has been created, it can be added to the ClickDimensions Campaign Automation Builder in order to nurture new customers and respond to their needs based on email interactions.

We start this automation by adding new checking account customers to a list and adding them to the Welcome Message series:

We want to ensure that customers have an opportunity to receive the debit card that we are inquiring about within our welcome email before sending it. So, we click into the Welcome Message Series and add a Wait Timer to provide a five-day pause between when a customer is added to the list and when they receive the welcome email. We also select our welcome email template as the message to be sent.

Email Interaction and Submitted Form triggers are then added in order to send customers down a given path based on their actions.

We then add follow up actions for those who either clicked the missing debit card link in the email or submitted the form expressing interest in learning more about the bank’s credit products.

Using the Debit Card Follow Up series as an example, you can see that we can again add actions within a series. For this follow up, an email will be sent thanking the customer for contacting the bank, and a bank employee will be assigned to follow up and notified that they need to take action. Similar actions are also configured within the Credit Follow Up series.


A negative path is also created within the automation for those email recipients that don’t click on the debit card link within five days of receiving the message. This ensures that whether they click the debit card link or not, every new customer will move forward in the automation and receive the next messages in the onboarding email series. Since it’s a standalone offer, the credit form is a separate branch in the automation that can be submitted at any time.

In addition to email marketing, landing pages, forms and campaign automation, ClickDimensions gives you a wide variety of other tools that can be incorporated into the new customer onboarding process – or any other marketing efforts! – including SMS messaging, surveys, subscription preferences and event management.

Happy Marketing!