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Broadcast Text Messages From CRM with ClickDimensions SMS

imageClickDimensions is pleased to announce the inclusion in our latest release of a sophisticated, unique SMS solution that allows you to broadcast text messages to your marketing lists as well as to individual leads and contacts.

SMS messaging is available directly from Dynamics CRM. Marketers can compose their text messages, include dynamic data from the recipient records, and even schedule the messages to be broadcast to their CRM marketing lists.

The ClickDimensions SMS solution integrates the power of Twilio and ClickDimensions’ dynamic content delivery platform to deliver a global messaging solution.

When composing your SMS message, you can use the same Freemarker placeholders as you would use in our Email Template designers. Drop-downs are available to simplify the process of inserting dynamic data as well.


SMS messages will be sent to the mobile phone number listed on the contacts, leads or accounts that you’ve associated with the Bulk Text Message record. Individual “Text Message” activities will be recorded against the recipient records so you can view the sent messages in Closed Activities.

From an individual Contact or Lead, you can also add a Text Message activity:


The Sent view of Bulk Text Messages will also show you the statistics of how many messages were delivered as part of a Bulk Text Message campaign:


For detailed instructions on setting up and using SMS, see the following help articles:

Happy Marketing!

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