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Building a View for a Campaign Automation Look Up Record

Looking for an easy way to search for records, like email templates, within a ClickDimensions campaign automation? Adding a view to a look up record in a campaign automation is an effective way to do exactly that while being able to select more than what defaults in the drop-down menu.

To start, build a system view in CRM. Navigate to Customizations under Settings.  

Next, you will want to select Customize the System.

After this, you will want to select Entities. This will display all the entities in your CRM.

On the sidebar, select Email Templates and then select Views.

You will notice the two existing views from the campaign automation have a code in the description. You will need to copy that code into a new custom view.

Please note: This needs to be a system view and cannot be a personal view.

To create this new view, click on New. Name your view and then paste the code that we copied earlier into the Description field. In this example, we are going to add a EOM (End of Month) view using the same description from the default views.

Edit the filter criteria to reflect what you want to populate in this view in the same way that you would with an advanced find. You want to filter your results. In this example, we are going to search for tags that contain EOM to add into the EOM view.

Then, save your changes. And remember to click Publish All Customizations.

That’s it! Now when you go to campaign automation and try to search for an email template in the look up record, it will reflect the new view that you created.

You can repeat this process as much as you need to segment your records in the Look Up window in campaign automations so it will be easier to find your specific email templates.

Happy Marketing!

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