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Common ClickDimensions Questions Regarding Marketing Lists

Marketing lists are an essential part of many marketing initiatives, which means we often field questions about them from ClickDimensions customers. In this blog post, we will cover four of [...]

Selecting the Right Content for Campaign Automations Throughout the Buying Cycle

From lead to loyal customer, through well-planned campaign automations, organizations are able to reach individuals during every stage of the buying cycle. Let's take a look at each stage – [...]

Creating a Campaign Automation to Welcome New Email Subscribers

We recently did a blog post on tips for effective welcome emails. But what if you wanted to create a campaign automation for welcoming new email subscribers and building your [...]

6 Ways Your Campaign Automations Can Scare Away Your Leads and Customers

What was that? Did you hear something? With Halloween's approach, you might think that noise was the bogeyman or another creature that goes bump in the night. In actuality, it [...]