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Creating Custom System Views Based on Interactions

ClickDimensions has many great system views included with the solution that let you see anyone who has clicked a link in an email, registered for an event or taken other actions. [...]

Understanding the Target Attribute with Links in ClickDimensions

Hyperlink managers in ClickDimensions give you an abundance of options to create your desired link. The hyperlink manager is designed to give the user as much freedom as possible to [...]

Enhancements to the ClickDimensions Import and Export Tool

In the ClickDimensions 8.7 (June) and 8.8 (July) releases, there are quite a few updates to our import and export tool. This tool allows you to easily move ClickDimensions records [...]

Time-Saving Ideas Using the Clone Button

When creating your email templates, email sends, web content and campaign automations in ClickDimensions, you may have noticed the Clone button. But do you know all the great time-saving things [...]