Negative Customer Experiences: The Top 5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Customer experience is made up of each interaction that your customers have with your organization, and how they perceive those interactions. A great customer experience is no longer an added [...]

Back to Basics: The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience

To attract, retain and convert customers, you need to offer both a great customer experience and customer service. Each one is essential to reaching sales targets, keeping your customers satisfied [...]

7 Types of Campaigns That Can Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

In recent years, marketing's focus has started to shift to include customers in addition to leads. For many organizations, this shift into retention from solely acquisition has been gradual instead [...]

Guest Post: Aligning Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Selling for a Better Customer Experience

Thank you to Gideon Thomas, VP of Marketing and Growth at DealHub, for this guest blog post. In today's world of rapid-fire product release where - it's been said - [...]

Beyond Birthdays: 5 Occasion Emails to Delight Your Customers

Birthdays are now a big digital occasion. From a Facebook timeline covered with wishes to an inbox filled with greetings, birthdays are no longer the relatively private celebration they once [...]

6 Ways a Marketing Automation Solution Can Help Improve the Customer Experience

We have said it before and we will say it again: Marketing automation isn't just for marketing anymore. A marketing automation solution is an essential tool for both ramping up [...]

5 Questions to Ask to Design a Memorable Customer Experience

Great customer experiences don't come pre-packaged and ready to go. They are created by individual organizations to suit their unique business model, philosophy and customers. They also require careful consideration [...]

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