A ClickDimensions customer recently asked about making a series of confirmation email templates for people who sign up for a particular event. They wanted individuals to be sent an auto responder email personalized with information about an event once they completed the registration form.

Event registration services that are integrated with ClickDimensions (for example, GoToWebinar or Eventbrite) typically have their own confirmation emails for specific events. However, if you wanted to create an event manually within CRM, you don’t have a way to reference these events in email templates using personalization. You would have to create custom fields for every event that you create and personalize the template that way, but that would make the management of the entity records more and more taxing as new events came along in the future. You would have a long list of expired event fields unless you deleted every custom field once the event is over.

But no worries, I’ve found a solution: the Current Event field. This field will update on a Contact or Lead record with their most recent event registration, making it easy to personalize with the current event that an individual will be attending.

First, you will need to create a custom field called “Current Event.” To do this, go to a Contact or Lead and select Form.

This will open the Form Editor which allows you to add or edit fields displayed on the record. We are going to be adding our new Current Event field, so you will need to scroll down to the bottom and select “New Field.” It should be in the bottom right corner of the Form Editor below the Field Explorer.

Now create the Current Event field.

Once you’ve added the field to the contact record and saved it, publish the customizations. Also, don’t forget to publish your metadata in Settings>ClickDimensions Settings!

Now for the fun part. We are going to build a Current Event workflow. This workflow is essential, as it is the tool that will update this field regularly with the most recent event participation. Start by going to Settings>Processes. Create a new workflow.

Make sure the settings for the workflow are as follows:

On the next screen, we set the parameters of the workflow. Once again, make sure your settings are exactly the same as displayed in the following image. The most important settings to note on this screen are the changes to the Scope field and the Update step. Next, click Set Properties in the Update step.

Now we are going to add the interaction between the Event Participation and the Contact or Lead. Click within your Current Event field. You will then be able to edit the Operation fields. You want to make sure the Operation is set in this order from top to bottom: Set To, Event Participation, Event. Click OK and the value will be added to the Current Event field. Save and Close, and you are all set.

Now you can select the Current Event field from the Personalization drop down menu…

…And have your contacts most recent registered event added to your email templates dynamically!

Written by Dante Porter, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager