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ClickDimensions Academy Launches New FreeMarker Curriculum

ClickDimensions has always allowed users to add dynamic content to their email templates using FreeMarker, but beyond the most basic usage, the scope and value of FreeMarker isn’t common knowledge for many users. We have now added a new FreeMarker curriculum to the ClickDimensions Academy to demystify the uses of dynamic content and to consolidate educational resources in one location for easy access.

Remind me again, what is FreeMarker?

FreeMarker code is a “template engine” designed to generate text output based on templates and changing data. All of ClickDimensions’ dynamic content is done with FreeMarker code. You can pull data from a CRM record into an email via FreeMarker. You can also use if-statements to show or hide content sections based on data in a CRM record. You can see a simple and common example of FreeMarker in the screenshot below, which is used to personalize an email with the recipient’s first name.

What is the goal of this curriculum?

The FreeMarker curriculum uses written lessons, interactive elements and regular knowledge checks to teach users how to create and employ FreeMarker in their email templates to provide more personalized and effective emails to their recipients. To make the curriculum material easily accessible to users of different skill and interest levels, the curriculum is divided into three courses: FreeMarker Basics, Advanced FreeMarker, and FreeMarker Best Practices and Examples.

What can I expect to learn in this curriculum?

In this curriculum, you will learn what FreeMarker is, how to add basic FreeMarker in each email template editor, and how to use FreeMarker conditional statements and lists to create more advanced templates. You will also learn several FreeMarker best practices and render errors that can be caused by improperly formatted code. The curriculum also includes several real-life examples to better convey how FreeMarker can be used to enhance your marketing efforts.

What kind of FreeMarker examples are included in the curriculum?

The FreeMarker curriculum includes examples for the following topics:

  • Dynamic registration hyperlinks
  • Dynamic photos and signature data
  • Dynamic event invitations based on the recipient’s location
  • Dynamic property lists for a real estate market

Do I need to complete this curriculum to become ClickDimensions Certified?

No. Since the use of dynamic content is optional, learners are not required to complete this curriculum to obtain any ClickDimensions certifications. The FreeMarker curriculum is intended to be corollary material that will help users create more effective email content.

Sounds great; how do I access the curriculum?

When you log into the ClickDimensions Academy, click Catalog to display a list of available courses. The FreeMarker curriculum will be listed here.

What if I have never used the Academy before?

Check out this How to Get Started with the ClickDimensions Academy blog post.

We hope the FreeMarker curriculum helps you and your organization create more personalized and effective emails. If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, the ClickDimensions Academy in general or certifications, feel free to reach out to learning@clickdimensions.com.

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