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ClickDimensions July 2016 New Release Sneak Peek

We release new updates, features and improvements to the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution each quarter. Region-by-region updates for the July 2016 release are coming very soon! Here is a sneak peek at just some of the many new exciting features that will be available in the upcoming ClickDimensions new release.

Campaign Automation Updates

Decision node: The decision node within the campaign automation builder will now have lead and contact field options within clauses, allowing for more precise filtration through the campaign automation. The decision node has also been updated with Group OR and Group AND functionality for clauses, resembling Microsoft Dynamics CRM's advanced find. This is currently a BETA feature.

Statistics tab: The Statistics tab will show the total participations to reach a trigger and series within a campaign automation. You will also see the conversion rates of each node, showing how many participants are still active within a series, and how many participants have completed the series. You will also see the total participants who completed a trigger. This allows for better visualization of the campaign automation process and better identification of how to engage participants. This will be released as a BETA feature.

NEW Campaign Automation Stats.

Timeline: The timeline will show a distinction between paths that could potentially be traveled (reduced color saturation) and paths that cannot be traveled (grayed out).

Drag and Drop Editor Updates

A Check FreeMarker button has been included at the top of the Drag and Drop editor. This is a great tool to verify that the personalization and FreeMarker code (dynamic content) within your template is correct before sending the email. This is currently a BETA feature.

Email Send Updates

Email statistics will now be easily accessible all in one place: the email statistics menu option. Within the Sent Email Send record, click the Email Statistics button from the ellipses menu (…) and a new tab will open in the browser.

Here you can see the following information for graphical statistics, social shares and more:

Overview: These are the graphical statistics normally found from scrolling to the bottom of the Sent Email Send record.

Click Heat Map: This was a separate menu option within the Sent Email Send record; now it's more easily accessible and shows the same type of data related to clicks on the email.

Social Shares: Here you will see the statistics related to who shared the content of your email on their social media accounts. This used to be located at the bottom of the Sent Email Send record.

Code Editor Updates

The code editor feature that was once exclusive to the ClickDimensions form editor is now available in the survey editor and subscription management page editor. You can add and edit CSS and JavaScript code to add to the design and functionality of your ClickDimensions forms, surveys and subscription management pages.

Import Tool Updates

New fields related to phone numbers are available to map to when using the ClickDimensions import tool:

  • Address 1: Phone
  • Address 1: Telephone 2
  • Address 1: Telephone 3
  • Address 2: Telephone 1
  • Address 2: Telephone 2
  • Address 2: Telephone 3
  • Mobile Phone
  • Business Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Telephone 3 / Other Phone

Read more about how to use the ClickDimensions import tool here.

Eventbrite Connector Updates

New fields will come into the Event Participation records following an event registration: organization, cell phone, job title, work address and custom questions.

These are just a few of the new items we will introduce in the July release! Sign up here to get email notifications of updates.

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