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ClickDimensions Landing Pages feature

Marketers need to be able to create landing pages but often do not have access to upload content to the corporate web site. This is where ClickDimensions’ landing pages feature comes in handy. Simply create a ClickDimensions web content item of type landing page and you can then insert any HTML and have a page running on the public internet and linked to a Microsoft CRM campaign record. You can even embed any ClickDimensions form into the page and link the page to a CRM campaign record so that all visits that initiate on the landing page will be linked to the CRM campaign. Here are the steps…

Start by creating a new web content record of type landing page. Optionally associate it to any Microsoft CRM campaign record…

Save the record and click the design button. You will now be able to paste in your HTML or use our editor to build your landing page…

Click the embed button to get the link to the landing page. You can now place this link into your onlined ads, link from your web site, etc.

Each visit to the landing page will be linked to the CRM campaign that is associated with the landing page record so you will know exactly which visits originated from the landing page. Click here to read a blog post on how we analyzed traffic to one of our landing pages.

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