Update: As of October 2014, the LinkedIn connector is no longer available because LinkedIn has limited their API access.  

Users of ClickDimensions are aware that we have a profile page on both Lead and Contact records in CRM. This page summarizes any data the Lead/Contact has submitted on forms on your site as well as details out the entire tracking history including visits page views and email events (open, clicks, bounces, etc.).

The ClickDimensions profiles also perform a social discovery search against Facebook, LinkedIn and other social APIs and returns helpful social information, often including a photo, right inside CRM. It is just another way to bring a lead to life when you are inside CRM. On one convenient page you can learn about the person as well as understand their interest in your products and services based on their interactions with your web forms, web pages, emails, etc.

Below is an example of the ClickDimensions profile page for a Contact in CRM. It is very convenient to have the person’s latest role(s) from LinkedIn as well as often their picture and a link to their exact LinkedIn profile page. With that it is extremely convenient to see who you might know in common by simply clicking open the LinkedIn profile.

Below are some excerpts of ClickDimensions profiles. I’ve decided to only pick on Microsoft employees. And, of course, this data is pulling only from public LinkedIn data. It is very cool to put faces with names as you work within Microsoft CRM.