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ClickDimensions Spam Scoring

When you click the test button on a ClickDimensions Email Send record three things happen:

  • A test email is sent to the specified email address
  • The email content is displayed in a browser so you can make sure it looks good as a web page
  • A spam scoring report for the email is displayed

ClickDimensions uses SpamAssassin scoring and our report provides detailed codes related to each issue in your email. Pictured in this post is the spam assassin report for an email I created that purposely included several items to trigger a high spam score.

For a detailed list of all the tests SpamAssassin performs on your email content to determine if it looks like spam go to this link. The list is extremely long so you can rest assured that your email has been thoroughly checked.

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  1. Josh McAfee July 27, 2018 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    I have read the Apache documentation around a SpamAssassin score and that is helpful. Apart from internalizing the vast glossary of scored attributes, is there a general guidance that can be shared about what constitutes a good score, or ranges (i.e. like how credit scores are broken into excellent, good, fair, needs improvement, etc)? Thanks.

    • mm
      ClickDimensions Marketing July 31, 2018 at 1:34 pm - Reply

      Yes! Anything 3 > is considered “good.” Anything 5 > 3 is considered “okay.” Anything above 5 and you will most likely see issues with your delivery.

      The most common rule hit is “MIME_HTML_ONLY” which contributes 2.2 points to the Spam Assassin score. This rule occurs when you don’t include a text version in your email template. This is an easy fix (see this help article: https://support.clickdimensions.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001160793-Text-Version-of-an-Email-Template) and will have an impact on the delivery of your emails. The SpamAssassin score is meant to be a gauge on the content of your email. Some of the rules triggered may reference font contrast, image/text ratio, or spammy words. While one of these is not likely to impact the email delivery, the combination of multiple rules may have an impact.

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