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Common ClickDimensions Questions Regarding Marketing Lists

Marketing lists are an essential part of many marketing initiatives, which means we often field questions about them from ClickDimensions customers. In this blog post, we will cover four of the most common marketing list questions we receive along with our answers. You just might find that they answer some questions you have about marketing lists too.

Q: Why can’t I locate a dynamic list when using a campaign automation?

A: It is not possible to use a CRM dynamic list with a campaign automation. This is because, unlike static lists, dynamic lists in CRM are not actually lists of contacts or leads; they are queries that run when you try to use the list. As such, a campaign automation would have no way of knowing if members were added or removed from the list unless the query was run constantly. As it would be resource intensive and would impact CRM performance, this is not how campaign automations operate.

However, you can create a static version of a dynamic list using the Copy to Static button on the dynamic list record. If there are common attributes among the records that will go into the campaign automation, you could also set up a CRM workflow that adds individuals into the list whenever they meet your attribute or criteria. That being said, since workflows are a CRM function and not part of ClickDimensions, we do not provide support on their set up.

Q: When adding a new marketing list to an email send draft, there are two fields that allow you to search for marketing lists. What is the difference in these two fields?

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A: The larger field closest to the bottom of the view is the Add Marketing List field, which opens after clicking the “+” symbol in the view. Marketing lists searched here can be selected and added to the email send as recipients. The smaller field above it allows for searching among the previously added marketing list in the email send. For example, if you added 20 marketing lists to this email send and wanted to see if you added a particular list without shifting through four pages of marketing lists, you could search for it here instead.

Q: I’m unable to find my list when adding a list to an email send. How can I locate it?

A: Typically, when customers are unable to find a marketing list in the Add Marketing List look up field, it’s because the marketing list is under a different view. By default, the Add Marketing List look up view displays marketing lists that are associated with the owner. If you’re adding multiple marketing lists that you did not create yourself, it’s recommended that you switch the view to Active Marketing Lists so you can see more than just your own lists.

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Q: Are contacts and leads automatically removed from a marketing list that is associated with a subscription list when opting out?

A: When someone opts out of a subscription list, they are not automatically removed from the associated marketing list. Rather, an unsubscribe record is created in CRM. The subscription list that was opted out of is now related to this unsubscribe record. The next time you send an email to a marketing list that is a part of a subscription list, any recipients that have opted out of that subscription list will be excluded. You will be able to see the subscription list(s) by opening the unsubscribe record and clicking on Subscription Lists under Related on the left-hand side of the record.

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Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.


  1. Makayla May 25, 2018 at 4:31 am - Reply

    Is there a way to see per marketing list the total number opted in and opted out. The Members Count seems irrelevant because it could be that all are unsubscribed…?

    • mm
      ClickDimensions Marketing May 25, 2018 at 10:32 am - Reply

      Thank you for your question, Makayla! There is not a field that shows that number. You could do it by only having the people who are opted-in show up in your marketing list. You would have to remove people from the list if they unsubscribed. You could do that with a workflow (based on subscription preferences = out, or a global unsubscribe being created) or a campaign automation (based on what is chosen in the subscription page).

  2. Robyn September 7, 2018 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Is there a way to see the names on a static list?

    • mm
      ClickDimensions Marketing September 7, 2018 at 3:28 pm - Reply

      Yes, you can view the names on a static marketing list on each static marketing list record in your CRM.

  3. Sander Vanhee November 27, 2018 at 8:57 am - Reply

    We create loads of static marketing lists based on the results of advanced find queries to suit our client segments. Is there a possibility to recover which advanced find criteria were used to create these lists?

    I know that you can always find this information in dynamic lists but I’ve read that using lots of dynamic lists can slow down performance of CRM?

    • mm
      ClickDimensions Marketing November 28, 2018 at 12:50 pm - Reply

      There is no way to see which criteria were used to add members to a static marketing list. This is because Dynamics does not keep track of this, and once a static list is created, members can be added at any time through a variety of methods. The only way to keep track might be to make notes in the marketing list’s description field and then to lock the list so no more members can be added.

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