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ContentMX Integrates with ClickDimensions Marketing Automation to Bring Content Rich Newsletters to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Marketers that struggle with generating content for their email newsletters will appreciate the integration that ContentMX and ClickDimensions announced today between their two marketing platforms. This integration makes it easy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to obtain original content, curate content from trusted sources, and create new content of their own. This content is then published to a ClickDimensions email newsletter.

The email newsletters generated by ContentMX and sent through ClickDimensions can be used to keep subscribers informed, engage them directly, and direct users towards relevant conversations happening on social media. “For many ClickDimensions customers, obtaining quality content is an ongoing burden”, said John Gravely, CEO of ClickDimensions. “ContentMX’s integration with our solution addresses these needs and provides integrated content marketing services to the Dynamics CRM community.”

For ArcherPoint (a Microsoft Dynamics reseller), ContentMX provides the aggregated content they need to maintain a social conversation with their customers. “The ability to go to one place to find all the content I need for social media, our blog, and a newsletter will save us a lot of time and effort.”, said Suzanne Scanlan of ArcherPoint. “Now with its integration to ClickDimensions I can send this content directly to my email list so that none of my customers will miss this great content and the conversations it generates.”

“Email is often thought of as functionally and philosophically separate from other social and blog marketing efforts,” said Jeffrey Mesnik, President of ContentMX. “We instead treat email as an entry point to a broader conversation. This integrated approach allows users to take high quality content and easily publish it across all platforms.”

Integration between ContentMX and ClickDimensions is simple and easy, with all CRM data being collected and maintained within ClickDimensions and Dynamics CRM. A FREE 15-day trial of ContentMX is available at http://contentmx.com. For Dynamics CRM and ERP partners Microsoft is offering a special program that includes Dynamics specific content that is ready to be published to customers. For more information and to sign up, go to http://mspartner.contentmx.com.

Below is a screen shot of the ContentMX solution where a variety of content sources are aggregated. Through this interface, the marketer selects the content to be published via a ClickDimensions email newsletter….

Integration between ContentMX and ClickDimensions allows the selected content to be quickly and easily sent in a ClickDimensions email newsletter…


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