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Correlating all traffic from a single IP address

Because of the way web tracking data is modeled in the ClickDimensions solution, it is very easy to see all web traffic coming from a specific IP address. Since companies and organizations often have all their internet traffic coming from a single IP address, this allows you to really see collectively when multiple individuals from an organization are interested in your products and services.

Here's how it works. Every time someone visits our site we identify the IP address from which they are visiting and we create a record called an IP Organization record. We then link all future visitors, visits, page views and form submissions made from that IP address to the IP Organization record. This allows you to see the combined interested of all visitors from the organization. Because everything is scored, you have an easy way to determine organizations that may be worth prospecting.

Below is an example of an IP Organization record our system created when one of the large players in our market, Eloqua, has visited our site.

If we click on the 'Anonymous Visitors' tab we can see that this traffic was generated by 6 unique individuals (technically, 6 unique cookies most likely in 6 unique browsers) visiting from Eloqua.

Drilling further down into Visits we can see that there have been 8 unique visits, several of which have high scores (scores are based on the pages visited or links clicked during the visit). Overall, we can see that there has been significant organizational interest. If this were a prospect, I think I would cold call them. J

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