It’s important that your emails look, read and function correctly before sending them to your recipients, and to achieve this goal, you may have an internal email approval process so your emails can be read and tweaked before sending.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically notify people to approve and send emails without calling, instant messaging or emailing your colleagues when you have other marketing tasks to focus on? Luckily, you can create a simple CRM workflow to automatically notify users whenever an email send is created.

This workflow allows you to automatically send an email to specific users whenever an email send is created. Those users could then check the email send before it is sent out and make sure it doesn’t need to be changed.

Workflow Steps

First, you will want to set up the workflow to run on the email send entity. You will want to set the scope to organization and start when the record is created.

The next step would be sending an email to whomever needs to approve the email send. You could also add a check condition to see who created the email send if your organization’s hierarchy requires certain individuals to approve certain users’ emails.

However, if you need the same person or people to approve each email send, you will just want to add in a Send Email step. Note: This is a step to send a CRM email. You will not want to add a Send ClickDimensions Email step since you are emailing other CRM users.

You can then set up the properties to send out an email to a specific user or group of users, and you can reference the subject and the owner of the email send so the recipients can easily locate the record in CRM.

We have set up our internal notification email to come from the owner of the email send and give it a subject referencing the owner of the email. The body of the email indicates the subject and the Send On field to show when the email send is due to be sent. We can even reference the email address of the owner of the email send so the recipient can easily notify them if there are any changes that need to be made.

You could end your workflow here. Once the notification email has been sent, then the recipient will log into CRM and look over the email and either send it out themselves or let the owner know it’s ready to be sent.

However, what if you have a time sensitive email and the approver hasn’t yet looked at the email send?

You could add in a wait condition and then check if the email has been sent. If it has not been sent, send another reminder email to whomever needs to approve the email send.

In our scenario, we want to wait four hours so we added a wait step so the workflow will timeout four hours after the Email Send: Created On field.

Then we added in a check condition to see if the email send’s status reason is either in progress, sent, outbox or split test, indicating that the email is sending or has already been sent.

If the status of the email send has changed, we end the workflow.

However, if the email send is still in draft status, then we want to send our original notification email again to remind the user that they need to approve our email send.

To achieve this, we added a conditional branch to our workflow and a check condition to see if the status reason of the email send is draft.

If it is, then we will want to send our previous notification email again and we set that up by adding in a Send Email step.

We can repeat this step again if we want to keep notifying our user that the email has sent.

Our final workflow looks like this:

Now whenever an email send is created in CRM, we will automatically be able to notify users that it needs to be reviewed before being sent.