Some of our new release update emails contain a lot of content and tend to be quite long. If you occasionally send out lengthy emails, you may be looking for a way to allow customers to find things more easily within the email. The solution? Adding a table of contents that links to different content areas in your email to help your recipients navigate with ease. A simple way to do this is by using anchor links, also known as anchor tags.

Follow these quick and easy steps to create your own table of contents:

1. Open your email template designer.

In CRM, navigate to Marketing > Email Templates, and open the email template in which you would like to add a table of contents. If you have not already created your email template, follow the steps in this help article.

2. Add in your table of contents.

You will need to type your table of contents into a text or HTML portion of your email template.

3. Set up your anchor links.

  • Select the text in the body of your email that you want the anchor link to jump to and then click the Anchor button in the top navigation.

  • In the Anchor Properties box that pops up, give your anchor a name and click OK.

  • Highlight the table of contents text that you would like to use as the anchor link and click on the Hyperlink Manager button.

  • In the Hyperlink Manager, select the Anchor tab and choose your anchor from the Choose an Existing Anchor menu. Then click the Insert Link button.

Repeat these steps to add additional anchor links to complete your email template's table of contents.

Once your anchor links are set up correctly, email recipients will be able to click a link in the table of contents, and will automatically jump down to the corresponding section in the email.

In our example email, clicking the campaign automation builder link in the table of contents will automatically cause the email template to jump down to the campaign automation builder section.

Table of contents gif

You can test this out using the Preview function of your email template.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Kellany Mathis, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager