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Creating Effective Marketing Surveys

Surveys are an excellent way to get honest feedback about your brand, products, services, consumer satisfaction and more. Surveys are also great at helping you learn more about your customers. However, designing marketing surveys that provide valid results can be a daunting task. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when designing your next marketing survey:

  1. Think ahead

    Have a clear idea of how you want to use the data you obtain from your survey. This is the first step because it will help shape the structure of your survey questions. For example, if you want to create charts or infographics from your results, you will want to make sure that each picklist option corresponds with a numerical value.

  2. Avoid leading and confusing respondents

    When writing your questions, take care to ensure that you are not skewing your data. Avoid questions that lead to a specific response, such as questions starting with "Isn't it true that…". Steer clear of confusing language and industry buzzwords. Keep in mind that people will often stop taking a survey when they do not understand a question. Test your surveys internally with multiple people from different departments to make sure that the questions are clear to everyone.

  3. Keep it brief

    Make your surveys short; they should not take longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. Use skip logic to narrow down the time it takes someone to complete your survey. Let the customer know how long it should take to complete, the topic and use of the survey in order to set expectations upfront.

  4. Pay attention to the order of questions

    Always put demographic questions at the beginning, and make them required so that you are not missing out on important demographic data. Start with more general questions, and then get more specific. Never ask the hard questions first.

  5. Edit, edit, edit

    Have others review your survey. See if there are any unnecessary questions that can be cut. Check for spelling, punctuation and verb agreement. Make sure the writing style is cohesive with the rest of your company's content and your brand's voice.

  6. Mind your timing

    The timing of sending out marketing surveys is key. Just like email marketing, marketing surveys sent out Tuesday-Thursday during normal business hours are more likely to get responses. Be sure to communicate a deadline for when the survey should be submitted. To improve response rates, also try resending the survey with a reminder before the deadline.

When creating surveys, don't get overwhelmed. The data you will receive at the end will be well worth the effort!

Written by Kellany Mathis, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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Kellany Mathis is a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

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