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CRM News: The Power of the Partner

This year I had the pleasure of attending Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas. Held in July, Inspire is a partner-focused conference that gathers Microsoft partners and ISVs together to share exciting news and collaborate on new ideas. The conference’s opening keynote had an inspiring (pardon the pun) message this year from Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President of One Commercial Partner, on how Microsoft has been listening to the Partner Network. And as a result of that listening, the company reversed their controversial decision to remove Internal Use Rights from their partners. What are IURs and why was this such a big deal? Let’s explore the issue in more detail.

What are Internal User Rights and Why are They Important?

Internal Use Rights have long been a valuable benefit, allowing partners access to many Microsoft products for free, including the Dynamics platform – it’s one of the top benefits of partnering with Microsoft. This allows partners to develop, test, demo and use the platform every day in their own businesses. Being hands-on with the product you are touting and selling to your customers is vitally important in the sales process. The more passionate a partner is about the product, the easier it is to share that passion with their customers and the community. For the benefit of end users, Dynamics partners need to have complete competency and passion for the platform. Removing Internal User Rights would mean that Microsoft partners would have to pay for the licenses to use these products, which would put additional financial pressure on some partners, particularly smaller practices.

The Removal of Internal User Rights

Microsoft recently announced they were going to make a number of changes to their Partner Network, including the removal of Internal User Rights by July 2020. They stated that the reason for the changes was to invest more in partner success and growth. The decision was not received well by the Partner Network, with more than 2,500 partners signing a petition to reverse some of the changes Microsoft wanted to implement.

The Decision to Reverse the Changes

On July 12, almost two weeks after the changes were announced, Gavriella Schuster posted on the Partner Blog that Microsoft would be reversing their decision to remove Internal User Rights. The post read in part that they listened to partners and did not want to lose the trust their partners had in Microsoft. This sentiment was echoed in Schuster’s opening key note at Microsoft Inspire on July 15, emphasizing the importance of trust with the partner network. It was a very powerful message. Kudos to Microsoft for listening to the network and continuing to make their partners a priority!

In conclusion, it is evident to see that Microsoft values its community and Partner Network. Here at ClickDimensions we feel the same way. We value our partners and we are committed to continuing to grow and develop our relationship with all our partners. Thank you for helping us ensure that our mutual customers get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics!

About the Author:

Emma D'Arcy is a Microsoft MVP and a Pre-Sales Consultant at ClickDimensions.

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