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Drip Marketing and Maintaining Clean Marketing Lists with Campaign Automation

Now is a great time to revamp your current drip marketing program using the ClickDimension’s Campaign Automation feature. Here is a quick example of a welcome email marketing campaign using Campaign Automation that will also allow you to separate responsive from unresponsive contacts.

1. Use the Add to Marketing List trigger to add recipients to the Campaign Automation.

2. The first Series includes the first email and is set to end when a trigger is completed.

3. The Email Interaction trigger monitors all interactions and is triggered when a recipient opens the email or clicks on any link. 


4. If a recipient interacts with the email within 30 days of when it was sent, they will receive the second email in the welcome campaign.

5. If a recipient does not interact with the email within 30 days, they will receive a different email. This step would also be a great opportunity to create additional tasks or follow up activities for your team within the series.

6. This step only occurs if a recipient did not interact with the first email. If they interact with the second email, we know that the recipient is still responsive and should receive the third email.

7. Send the third email (and so on…).

8. If the recipient is still unresponsive after the first two emails, notify the user and remove the recipient from the marketing list. 

Using this method, not only are you implementing a welcome campaign for new customers or prospects, but you are also able to maintain clean marketing lists from the very beginning.

This is just one of many ways to use ClickDimension’s Campaign Automation Builder. There are many other features and combination of actions to explore once you get started.

Happy Marketing!

Written by Louella Lugo, Marketing Success Manager

About the Author:

Louella Lugo is a Lead Marketing Success Manager at ClickDimensions.

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