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Easy online ad tracking with ClickDimensions

When you decide to pay for an online ad with Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing or Google AdWords you shouldn't have to wonder if it is bringing any traffic. With ClickDimensions you don't. In fact, you can know exactly which visits were generated by each ad. To do this, just follow this simple process.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the ClickDimensions tracking script on your website's landing pages (where the person will end up when clicking your ad).

Online advertising systems typically allow you to enter two URLs. One will be the URL the person sees (the diplay URL) and the other will be the URL the person is redirected to when they click on your ad (the 'go to' URL). Just add any identifying parameter to the end of the 'go to' URL in your ad. For example, below we added ?s=linkedinad to the end of our go to URL (note; the '?' denotes that a variable is being added and the variable name is 's' and its value is 'linkedinad')

With the parameter in place, any visits from your ad will be easily identifiable by their entry page.

Now, in the Visits area of ClickDimensions create an Advanced Find view to look for visits where the entry page 'contains' your parameter (e.g. 'linkedinad')

Finally, when you select your Advanced Find view, you will be able to see exactly all visits that came from your ad!

Happy Marketing!

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