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Email Event Hard Bounce Alert

The ClickDimensions Service Protection feature ensures that our customers receive high deliverability rates by preventing emails from constantly being sent to bounced email addresses. In this blog post, I will show you how to create a bounce notification system using CRM workflows to alert you or your team members whenever one of your recipients has received a hard bounce. Receiving these automatic notifications will make it easier to keep up with the contact and lead records who have now been blocked by the ClickDimensions solution.

First, go to Settings > Processes to create a new workflow process. Make sure Email Event is selected in the Entity field.

Next, in the workflow’s Information window, be sure to change the scope of the workflow to Organization and ensure that the workflow starts when a record is created. Navigate down the page to the Steps view and click the Add a Step drop-down menu. Select Check Record.

Open the Check Record step and check for the following email event types in the newly created record: DNS Failure, Invalid Recipient and Generic Bounce: No RCPT. Then save and close.

After adding the settings for the Check Record step, add a new step for sending an email. Open the settings for the Send Email step. Here you will want to edit your notification email to display certain information from the new email event record. You can customize the message however you like, but at the bare minimum, you will want four dynamic values to populate in the body of the email: the email event type, the email event lead, the email event contact and the email address associated with the email event.

Now you will begin to receive your block notifications.

Disclaimer: this type of workflow could impact system performance. Once activated, a workflow like this can consume many resources depending on how many emails you send regularly, as the workflow will check every newly created email event record. Each email sent creates at least one email event record.

You could take the workflow built in this blog one step further by having the workflow place blocked emails in a particular marketing list after receiving the hard bounce notification, so you can maintain in one place all of the email addresses that will no longer receive ClickDimensions emails.

About the Author:

Dante Porter is a Technical Support Specialist at ClickDimensions.

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