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Email Statistics by Location

In the modern marketing world, it isn’t uncommon for marketing efforts to span several countries and regions. Because of this, ClickDimensions often receives questions about reporting on email statistics by location – whether by country, region, state, etc. As long as you have the recipient’s location on file, this is easily possible using CRM personal views.

If reporting on email statistics based on location is important to you, it would be best to include location form fields (country, state, region, etc.) on all of your forms. Furthermore, if you include forms in ClickDimensions emails, you increase the probability of obtaining location information for all of your recipients.

To report on email send statistics by location, you need to create a new CRM personal view based on the sent email or email events entity.

If you choose sent emails in advanced find, you can then specify the email send(s) you want to report on.

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If you choose email events in advanced find, you can then specify the email send(s) you want to report on. You can also narrow down the results by only displaying those recipients who opened and/or clicked on your email by specifying the type of email event.

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Once you have created your advanced find, you should add columns to your results view by clicking Edit Columns and then Add Columns. Here you can add basic columns such as contact, lead or account, so you can report on who is responsible for the statistics. You can also remove any columns that you are not interested in by clicking Remove. There will be some extraneous columns here by default, so for the best results, take some time adding and removing columns.

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Additionally, here is where you will add in your location columns. To do so, change the Record Type to Contact, Lead and/or Account, and insert any location fields you would like to see (country, state, region, city, etc.).

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Once you have created your query and added your columns, you can generate your statistics by clicking Results. Here, you can easily export this information to Excel for further manipulation via the Export Sent Emails or Export Email Events button.

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Don’t forget to save this advanced find as a personal view! You can then easily access this personal view at a later date to report on a new email send.

You could even take this idea one step further by creating custom CRM charts and dashboards with the information gathered through these advanced finds. This would make it easy to visualize which location is responsible for the majority of your statistics, and/or which location you should market to more.

Moreover, this concept is not limited to just email statistics. You could use this same method to report on several ClickDimensions entities by location. This includes (but is not limited to) posted forms, posted surveys, unsubscribes and web analytics.

Happy Marketing!

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