Many of our customers who use our web content for educational purposes, product questionnaires, and testimonial pages want to know how to place a YouTube or other online video right onto the content they’re creating for greater association with their brands. A company may want to be able to instruct their customers on how to properly fill out a case form with an internally made video. Others want to be able to gain feedback on a new product reveal on their website.

For this example, here’s how to embed a YouTube iframe to your ClickDimensions forms:

First, go to the YouTube video you want to place on your form. Click the “Share” button above the videos’ description and click the “Embed” tab. Select and copy the text.


Now that we have grabbed the video we need only place the iframe in the right place. Go into Microsoft CRM and within your ClickDimensions Solution, go to Settings, Web Content, and select the form record you want to use.


In that form record, open the designer, and within the form designer either click within an HTML component or grab a new HTML component from the “Form and Components” menu.


Double click within the HTML component. Here is where we are going to place our YouTube iframe. In the HTML designer click the “Source” code button and in the space provided paste the copied YouTube iframe (Best practice here would be to paste as plain text first to eliminate font changes made by your browser. Also, if you’re unable to paste you can also manually type out the embedded code to place it in the HTML.)

Exit and the HTML designer, save the changes, and preview the form. You should be able to see the video rendered perfectly in both the preview and mobile preview screens.


Once you are content with the preview, embed the form how you would like either on your webpage or as a stand-alone landing page. This example went into detail how to accomplish this technique on forms, but remember you can also do this with your surveys, subscription management pages and landing pages! Enjoy!

Written by Dante Porter, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager