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Following up on Unopened Emails in a Series

Have you ever sent out a series of important emails to your customers and wanted to make sure they all received and opened every email in that series? Maybe for those customers who did not open all of the emails in the series, you decide that you want to send them a follow up email with some additional important information.

We will start this process by creating a marketing list of all contacts (you can do the same for leads). Sometimes, it can be helpful to compile a list of leads and contacts who have not opened all of the emails from your series of important emails.

Here is how you create a new marketing list of recipients who did not click or open all emails in your series of important mailings:

1. Create a New Marketing List

Navigate to Marketing > Marketing Lists, and select New to create a new marketing list. Make sure to keep the List Type as Static, give the new list a Name, and create the list to be Targeted At either Leads or Contacts. Then, Save the marketing list settings.

2. Manage Members

Next, click Manage Members to begin adding leads or contacts to your marketing list.

In the Manage Members pane, select Add Using Advanced Find, then click Continue.

3. Use Advanced Find

In the Add Members Advanced Find window, Look for: Contacts (or Leads) who have related Sent Emails where the Email Send Equals [the name of the first email send], and where the Clicks Equals 0, the Opens Equals 0 and Deliveries Is Greater Than 0. Then, select all four rows, and Group AND them together.

This set up will ensure that the contact (or lead) received the first email in your series, but did not click or open it. Next, we need to add the second email in the series to the advanced find.

4. Add Multiple Email Sends

To add the second email in the series to the advanced find, you will want to add in a related Contact step, then another related Sent Emails step.

Next, you can add in the same four AND Conditions as you did with the first email, but in the Email Send step, you will choose the second email send in your series of emails.

Continue with this same process until all of the emails in your series have been added.

5. Add Members

Click Find to see the results of your advanced find. Then, in your Advanced Find results view, select Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list. Finally, click the Add to Marketing List button.

This process will work no matter how many email sends were in your series of important mailings by simply adding additional AND conditions.

Once your marketing list is complete, you can easily create a new email send to reach out to those customers who did not open every email in your series of mailings.

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Happy Marketing!

Written by Kellany Mathis, ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager

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Kellany Mathis is a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

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