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How to Get Started with ClickDimensions Academy

ClickDimensions Academy is our eLearning portal for active ClickDimensions customers and partners. The Academy contains a wealth of written, video and interactive lessons discussing topics ranging from installing ClickDimensions to sending emails to setting up campaign automations. We also manage all our general certifications and partner certifications through the Academy.

Are you ready to dive in? Here are four of the most common questions we receive from our customers and partners looking to get started with the Academy.

Where Can I Find the ClickDimensions Academy?

ClickDimensions Academy can be accessed here. Please note that ClickDimensions Academy is only available to active ClickDimensions customers and partners.

What Do I Do if I Tried to Login to the Academy, but it Didn’t Work?

Users will sometimes try to access the Academy without first submitting an enrollment request. Every user, regardless of whether they have completed a prior certification, will need to request access and set up login credentials specifically for ClickDimensions Academy the first time they access it. The Academy is a separate platform from CRM and the ClickDimensions Support Portal, so pre-existing credentials for either of those will not get you into the Academy.

How Do I Submit an Enrollment Request for the Academy?

We offer an Academy Enrollment request form on the ClickDimensions Help Center. The form can either be accessed by clicking Request Academy Access on the Help Center home page, or by going to this page.

After submitting an enrollment request, you will be sent a follow-up email containing a registration link and your organization’s enrollment key, which is required to create a user in the Academy. This key indicates both that you are affiliated with a ClickDimensions customer or partner and which one you are affiliated with. This key is the same for everybody in your organization, so if you have any colleagues who would like to access they Academy, you can share the enrollment key with them to expedite the process.

What Do I Do Now that I’m In the Academy?

Once you log into the ClickDimensions Academy, there are two items on the home page that will be especially noteworthy: My Courses and Catalog.

1. My Courses: My Courses contains a list of every course that you are already enrolled in, so you can keep track of what material you have completed or are currently working through. You will be automatically enrolled in the ClickDimensions Fundamentals course when you register for the Academy.

2. Catalog: Catalog shows a list of every course that is available to you and allows you to register for any courses that you would like to complete. There is no cost or prerequisite involved in enrolling in additional courses.

Use My Courses or Catalog to access the course that best fits your needs. Each course contains a series of subcategories containing lessons on how to get the most out of the ClickDimensions feature covered in that course.

Now that you are set up in ClickDimensions Academy and understand how to navigate it, make use of the offered resources at your own pace to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with ClickDimensions!

Happy Marketing!

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