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Global vs. Local Form Field Changes

ClickDimensions forms are a great way to capture personal data volunteered by website or landing page visitors, giving you the ability to store or update their information in your CRM. Form fields are the building blocks of any ClickDimensions form. Form fields represent the data you want to capture or the question you want to ask. And once you build a form field, you can conveniently leverage it across as many forms as you would like for quick and easy set up. Standards such as country, region or referral source may be used quite frequently in multiple form records.

However, what if you want to edit a form field in a particular form? Will your changes be global, meaning you will see them in other records in your CRM? Or will they be local, meaning you will only see them in a single form? When making changes to a form field, keep in mind how the change will affect your marketing efforts.

Global Changes

Mapping your form fields is important if you’re trying to keep accurate, current data for your leads and contacts in CRM. When making changes to your form field mapping, be aware of some global changes that may occur.

  • Desired global changes should be made to the individual form field record. To make a new field or change your form fields, navigate to Settings > Form Field.

  • These changes will be reflected when the form field is added to the designer canvas and the form field’s properties are reviewed.

If the form field is already in use on the form designer canvas, remove the form field and then re-add it to the canvas to see the updates. When the form field is appended, it uses the default mapping set up in the form field record.

Note: If a form field record is deleted, but still in use on any forms, you will not be able to move the form field around the designer canvas. The deletion will be reflected when the form field is removed from the canvas, as the form field will no longer populate the selection side bar.

Local Changes

Changes to the appearance of a form field are considered a local change. You will not need to worry about how local changes will affect the form field in other locations.

  • Within your form designer, if you make edits to your form field, these will display on that form alone; your changes will not influence the form field in other form designers. This includes stylistic changes to your form field label, font color, fort name, font size and font weight. Again, these changes can be made when the form field is added to the designer canvas and then clicking on Properties.

  • Formatting is also a stylistic change, so this will be the same situation. If you are making changes to a form field’s columns and height within a form, your changes will not appear in other forms. This includes the form field’s label width and field width.

  • Changes made to a form field’s mapping on a form should only apply to the instance on that form, and should not apply to the form field record or to any instances of the form field on different forms.

Mapping for this form field in this particular form will only apply for this form.

Versus what this form field is mapped to in the global settings mentioned above.

When creating your next marketing initiative that includes a form, consider your form fields and the data you want to collect. You may find less work is needed and end up working with what you’ve got – sometimes a simple local change is all that is necessary to collect the appropriate data for your visitors.

Happy Marketing!

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