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Google simplifies the process of deleting Flash cookies

In our recent blog post titled "Tips for ruining your brand: trick your customers and prospects with deceptive web tracking techniques" we explained how some web sites can use the storage area in Adobe's Flash player to deceptively track you even after you have cleared your browser cookies. In that same post we applauded Google for making it easy for users of their Chrome browser to detect and delete flash cookies in the same settings where users delete normal browser cookies. The post showed the screen shot below which is the Google Chrome screen for clearing browser data. On the screen you can see that Google added a link to the Adobe Flash player storage settings so that Chrome users could easily access them and clear data stored in Flash. This was a great step forward in helping users control their web experience. However, it still required users to be aware of Flash cookies and their use or misuse.

Now Google has taken consumer protection a step further by working with Adobe and others in the web community to make it possible to delete Flash cookies directly from within the browser itself. The 'clear browsing data' screen no longer has a link to the Adobe Flash Player storage area because, as you can see below, when you choose to delete cookies it automatically deletes all Flash cookies (i.e. plug-in data) along with all browser cookies.

For a more technical explanation of this topic visit the Google Chromium blog post titled Providing transparency and controls for Adobe Flash Player's local storage

Want to see what Flash cookies are in your browser? Click here http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html to launch the Adobe Flash Player storage area.

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