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Guest Post: Limiting Form Submissions Per Visit

Thank you to Matthew Monaco of The Hanen Centre for today’s guest post!

Some companies have large CSS files that are used to style their website. A common problem in this scenario is that it can take slightly longer for embedded content – like a ClickDimensions form, survey or subscription management page – to redirect. Subsequently, you may have respondents click the submit button multiple times, trying to force the page to load faster, which in turn results in multiple submissions.

If having your website administrator consolidate these files to optimize performance isn’t an option that is immediately available to your team, there’s a little bit of JavaScript that you can add to ClickDimensions web content records to disable the submit button once it’s been clicked, and some CSS that you can use to take this a step further and visually gray-out the button as well.

After implementing this code, you should see a significant decrease in any duplicate submissions. Additionally, this method saves you time and your system resources from having to create a custom workflow to search for and remove any duplicate records.

The steps for implementing this process are as follows:

1. Create your form, survey or subscription management page to your liking.

2. Click the Code Editor button in the designer menu.

3. Add the JavaScript below to the corresponding section of the code editor.


4. Then, do the same with the CSS below.


5. Save your changes within the code editor and the designer itself.

That’s it! You’re all set to save yourself some time and frustration.

Please note that this code is provided as-is. ClickDimensions support is not able to support custom code requests.

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