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Helpful Tips and Resources for New ClickDimensions Users

Welcome to ClickDimensions! We’re happy to have you as a customer of our email marketing and marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While this blog post is aimed at new customers, much of the information is also helpful for existing customers who have new employees who are using ClickDimensions for the first time or even seasoned users who need a refresher on navigating our solution.

Let’s say that you have installed, configured and started using ClickDimensions, but then you encounter a scenario that you aren’t sure how to resolve. Below are five of the most common of those scenarios that we hear about from new customers along with their corresponding solutions.

Scenario 1: You understand how to use the different ClickDimensions email editors, but would like more information about them, preferably where you can ask questions during a webinar-like setting.

Solution: To learn more about our email editors or other ClickDimensions features, you can register for training through ClickDimensions Academy. It is accessible through the ClickDimensions help site, where you can:

1). Click on any of the Live Training links.

2). Click on the Options under the ClickDimensions Training subheading.

ClickDimensions Academy is available for current customers and partners. Once you have registered for a course and your registration has been approved, you will have access to the live training sessions and pre-recorded training material. The password for this material will be sent to you through the initial registration email from our training team.

Scenario 2: You send out your first email, but several of the links are not working properly or you notice ClickDimensions’ name instead of your company’s name on these links.

Solution: CNAMEs help mask ClickDimensions’ name in links within emails and web content (forms, landing pages and surveys) containing URLs to show your company’s domain instead. CNAMEs are not required. However, your page views for your web content may not correctly associate with the lead or contact visiting your site if your web content CNAME is not set up. For more information regarding CNAMEs, please visit this CNAME help article or this blog post for more information.

Scenario 3: Your colleagues are not receiving your test emails and you are not receiving anything from them in return.

Solution: An SPF record is how some mail services verify if the source of an email is valid. The SPF record helps ensure that a third party, such as ClickDimensions, is allowed to send emails on behalf of another company. If you are using ClickDimensions to test email sends by sending them to colleagues, those colleagues may not receive them because ClickDimensions is not included in the company’s SPF record. An SPF record is not required, but it is good practice to set up one when using external mail services to send emails on your company’s behalf. For more information, please review this SPF help article.

Scenario 4: You cannot remember how to access the ClickDimensions Forum to follow a question or submit a feature request.

Solution: The ClickDimensions help site features a forum that includes ClickDimensions Q&A. These are questions posted by other ClickDimensions users like you, with answers from our team. If the answer is sensitive in nature or requires additional troubleshooting, we may request that you open a support request ticket. The ClickDimensions Forum also includes product and service status announcements, as well as a place for users to submit new feature requests.

Scenario 5: You need to open a support ticket because you are encountering an error, need additional how-to guidance or want to book some time with a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

Solution: Need technical help? Please submit a support request by completing the form here. You can also log a support ticket to gain access to your Marketing Success Manager (MSM) to use your MSM hours. You can use these hours to have personalized training sessions to go over email templates, campaign automations or other topics. For more information regarding MSM hours, please reach out to your Account Manager. This help article further explains how to get assistance with ClickDimensions.

Happy Marketing!

About the Author:

Chemierra Stovall is a ClickDimensions Marketing Success Manager.

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