In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, there is a limit of 50,000 records for any aggregate query. You may have bumped into this default limitation when viewing a chart on a list view or dashboard when the query behind the chart would normally return more than 50,000 records:


What you may not have realized is that this limitation also applies to the number of members you can add to a static marketing list. This limit is controlled by a database setting, so if you have deployed CRM on-premise (as opposed to using CRM Online or partner hosted) you can adjust this limit in the deployment database ‘MSCRM_CONFIG’. The limit is stored in the DeploymentProperties table in a value called “AggregateQueryRecordLimit” and is set to 50,000 by default. This limitation does not apply to dynamic marketing lists.

Microsoft has more information on updating this property through a custom SDK call on MSDN. This cannot be modified in CRM Online. (If you are viewing charts in the Outlook client and see this error, the limit is controlled by a registry key on the client PC: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftMSCRMClientAggregateQueryRecordLimit). Note that increasing this limit may impact the performance of the queries that underlie marketing lists and charts in CRM 2011, so you should test it out and ensure your CRM and SQL Server are up to the task, should you increase this number.