Do you need to give people time to download a file after submitting a form online, but also want them to be automatically redirected to a web page within a certain period of time? This can easily be accomplished with the ClickDimensions form designer confirmation text and a simple piece of HTML code.

Confirmation text appears once a form has been successfully submitted. You can create it by clicking on the Confirmation Text button in the form designer. Then the response HTML window will appear.

To insert a file to be downloaded, you will upload the file and insert a link to it via the link manager:

GIF 1 - Confirmation Text - Add File Link GIF

Then, to implement a timed automatic redirect to a certain web page, you will need to insert the following HTML <meta> tag in the confirmation text's source after the first <head> tag:

<meta content="30; URL=" http-equiv="refresh" />

Like this: 

GIF 2 - Confirmation Text - Meta Tag GIF

The 30 in the code above indicates how long it will take before the current page refreshes to the new page (in this case 30 seconds) and is where it will redirect to. Once you have placed the HTML code into the confirmation text's source, you can change the number of seconds and add in the redirect URL of your choosing.

In addition to the redirect HTML code, it is a good idea to have a fail-safe statement like the one below on your confirmation text page.

And here is an example of a form's confirmation text after a form is submitted:

GIF 3 - Confirmation Text - Clicking Link to File GIF

Happy Marketing!

Written by Marissa Clontz, Marketing Success Manager