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How to Send Yourself an Email When Preferences are Updated

Do you manage your email opt-ins and opt-outs using a workflow (as we instruct in a help article here)? If so, you can add an extra step to that workflow to notify you or another user in CRM when someone makes a change to their preferences or unsubscribes, much like the Email Notification action found in a subscription management page.

If you followed the process outlined in our article referenced above, your workflow will likely look something like this:

SubEmail 1

If so, then at the very base of this workflow process, add a Create: Send ClickDimensions Email step following the opt-out process. This is the step that will send out the email whenever there is an unsubscribe or change in preference. In this example, we are being notified of an opt-out from our newsletter subscription list.

Once you have created the step, click Set Properties to edit the email send. This is where you can set the email template for your notification email. You can also add who has unsubscribed in the subject line of the email send using the dynamic values found on the right-hand side of the screen. Once you have set the subject and the email template, add yourself in the recipient fields to receive your email notification.

SubEmail 1

SubEmail 3

This is a function that could easily be incorporated into its own workflow, but it is far more effective to include it as an additional step in your pre-existing subscription management workflow. Having two individual workflow processes running on the same entity when unnecessary is more resource intensive for your environment. So, if you can combine the two as we have done here, you will save your environment precious processing time. You can add this step to the opt-in portion of the workflow as well, just be sure not to overload yourself with too many opt-in/opt-out emails coming from your subscription lists.

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