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If you can’t fix it feature it! Thoughts on positioning

The year is 1962 and Avis rent a car is in trouble. The company hadn’t made a profit in 13 years and, although they were technically #2 in the US rental car market, with only 11% market share they were well behind market leader Hertz. Clearly, there were business issues that needed to be fixed to improve their situation, but what about positioning? Even if they did improve their product how were they going to convince their prospects and customers?

Well, Avis pulled out a trick that every marketer should have in their bag. If you can’t fix it feature it. There are times when instead of making excuses you are better off to embrace the situation and use it to your advantage. This is exactly what Avis did. After hiring a new CEO that worked hard to fix their product problem Avis embarked on a marketing campaign that is now legendary. They embraced their #2 status by proudly featuring it in advertisements along with a new tag line; “we try harder.” Along with the external campaign Avis launched an internal campaign involving management visits to all Avis branches to emphasize the importance of the ‘we try harder’ tag line.

Avis’s campaign and supporting maniacal focus on customer service changed everything. By 1966 Avis had a 35% market share and was profitable. They featured their #2 position proudly and consumers identified with their underdog status. They backed up their “we try harder” slogan by truly trying harder. The result was a huge success for Avis and a rethinking of product positioning for marketers from that day forward.

At this point you are probably thinking about what in your business can’t be fixed but rather should be featured. At ClickDimensions it is obvious; we are the only marketing automation vendor on the planet that focuses exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When people ask us whether our solution works with Salesforce.com or other CRM systems we proudly and unapologetically tell them no. We won’t change that so we proudly feature it. For customers that are dedicated to the Dynamics CRM platform we offer the best product and service around. With no distractions in our company and no competition for resources from other product lines everyone at ClickDimensions has a singular mission; to be the best in the Dynamics CRM world.

What will you feature? Happy marketing!


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