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Introducing the ClickDimensions Academy’s New Dashboards and Reporting Course

From email events to event participations, ClickDimensions provides users with a wealth of valuable marketing data. With all that data coming in, though, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed. To help users manage all that data and get the most out of their experience using ClickDimensions with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, we have released a new course in the ClickDimensions Academy: Dashboards and Reporting!

What is the goal of this course?

The Dashboards and Reporting course uses interactive, video and written lessons to teach users how to utilize ClickDimensions data in conjunction with native CRM data and reporting tools to ensure that the data you are pulling into your CRM is presented in a way that makes it useful and easily actionable.

What can I expect to learn in this course?

In the course, you will learn how to create personal views to sort your records, how to create charts to visualize the data in views and how to combine this information in dashboards to aggregate several disparate reporting items into one place. Once you understand how to use these reporting tools, you will also learn what data is presented in the dashboards ClickDimensions provides out-of-the-box, see several real-life examples of reporting dashboards, and cover questions and potential gotchas that may arise while working with dashboards and reporting tools.

What kind of example dashboards are included in the course?

The Dashboards and Reporting course includes example dashboards for the following topics:

  • Lead management
  • Campaign automation reporting
  • Survey response reporting
  • Web traffic reporting
  • Multimodal marketing campaign reporting

Sounds great! How do I access the course?

When you log into the ClickDimensions Academy, click Catalog to display a list of every course that you can enroll yourself in; the Dashboards and Reporting course will be listed here.

Never used the Academy before? Check out this How to Get Started with the ClickDimensions Academy blog post.

What if have questions about CRM reporting functionality?

Since views, charts and dashboards are all native CRM features, any questions regarding their functionality should be directed to your CRM administrator or CRM partner.

We hope the Dashboards and Reporting course helps you and your organization streamline your reporting and make the most of your time using ClickDimensions! If you have any questions regarding the course, the ClickDimensions Academy in general or certifications, feel free to reach out to learning@clickdimensions.com.

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